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Your have reached the professional writing site of Dawn Michel Ryan.  Herein I provide you with information as to the types of articles I have composed and also provide you links to many of my published worksScroll further down to find links to my articles.

Types of Articles I have written include the following:

  1. History articles;
  2. Insurance articles;
  3. Travel articles;
  4. Fashion articles;
  5. Cultural articles; and,
  6.  How To Articles.

Further, I have written a number of eBooks wherein I have "sold said rights" in regard to the following subjects:

  1. Medical Transcription;
  2. Real Estate and Investments;
  3. Search Engine Optimization;
  4. Search Engine Management; and,
  5. Social Etiquette;
  6. Freelance Writing.

I am available for the following services:

  1. Compose content for your site;
  2. Write eBooks from 50 to 100 pages;
  3. Optimize your website;
  4. General Article Writing.

By accessing the information on the navigational bar above you may be apprised as to some of my prices relative to eBooks and content-writing.

Review my published articles--a listing of links is supplied below:


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 Thank you for your review!

Dawn Michel


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